Print Your Image On A Product

4 Easy Stages : Select an image > Choose a style > Select a product > Personalize and Buy

If this is your first time using Casefashion Studio or creating products with Zazzle please read the Quick Tips Guide below. There's a test image you can use to try it out at the bottom of this page. If your image appears too small on the product you can easily increase its size - the Quick Guide Tutorial in the panel link on the right tells you how to do this. It also has information on how to adjust your image on the product.

Click on the button below to go to the page that allows you to upload your image from your computer's hard disk, or use a previously saved file, if one exists.


Image Limits

Image limits change from time to time. The current limits are as follows :

Images must be either jpg or png

Maximum Image Size = 10240 kb

Maximum Image Height = 10000 pixels

Maximum Image Width = 10000 pixels

Files are saved for 21 days only

Quick Tips Guide

Your artwork can be almost anything. If it can be scanned, uploaded as a photograph, or created with a paint or art program, and is at a high enough resolution then it can be printed on products at Zazzle.

The Images Are Yours?

Make sure you own the images you use, or have permission to use them on products. You won't be able to create products with images of people or text whose content infringes the copyright or trademarks of others. Celebrities (e.g, Madonna or The Who), brand names ( e.g. Nike, Coke ) and trademarked phrases ( e.g. Life is a Beach) are amongst many that you cannot use. Politicians, in a political context ( e.g. elections) are mostly OK.


The image you upload must be either jpg or png. If you want the image to have a clear transparent background (which you can subsequently fill with color with the Zazzle design tools) then use png format. You'll need to use image editing software like Photoshop or Gimp to make the background transparent. If you design a mandala with Mandala Maker then it's easy to make the background transparent; just set the background to transparent and export to png format.

If your image is jpeg or jpg and it has a background color then that may be printed with a border on the product if the image doesn't fit the design area entirely.  Jpg images don't allow transparent backgrounds, but for some products like posters and postcards a border may be fine. The images below show how a png image with transparency and a jpg image without transparency would appear on a T-Shirt (dark apparel) and on a postcard (with blue background).


Do leave adequate space between the main visual elements of the design and the image edge (white space, transparency, color background or non-significant part of the image) otherwise your image may appear cropped (e.g. the design area on some mobile phone cases wraps around the edge of the case) or as a block (e.g. the white block surrounding the jpg image in the dark shirt above).

Other Image File Formats

Zazzle supports images in JPEG, PNG, PDF, and Adobe Illustrator (AI) formats but at the moment Casefashion Studio only works with JPEG and PNG. If your images use PDF or AI formats then you may upload these with the Zazzle Design tools on the product page. For PDF files only the first page of a multiple PDF will be uploaded and if there are any embedded fonts you must own the embed rights. Vector graphic AI format upload is supported although the Zazzle Design tool converts it to a rasterized (bitmap) image.

Maximum File Size

Your image must be within the maximum image size before it can be uploaded to Casefashion Studio. Check the size of the file you want to use before attempting to upload it. Large files can take a couple of minutes to check and upload, so it's best to check before uploading. Large megabyte files don't mean better quality. Our floral designs and butterflies yield beautiful results yet each image is under 1mb in size.

Maximum Dimensions

There's a limit on the width and height, in pixels, that should be more than enough for images. Casefashion Studio will make an intelligent guess about how to fit or fill the product with your image. An aspect ratio of 4:3 will fit or fill most products, though other dimensions can work well (our floral designs are 1:1, the butterflies 1.3:1). Experiment to see what works best for your artwork.

Image Resolution

The images you use should have high resolution, ideally 150 dpi as an absolute minimum. For some products that the image will be applied to the design area surfaces are large, and some are fabric. If the image resolution is too low then the image may look pixelated or blurry on the product surface. Scaling the image may not help.

Save Your Image

Your uploaded image will be saved temporarily so that you can try it out on different print styles or return to it later for further product customization before ordering. The file expires in a few days; see the Image Limits panel above for how long a temporary file is kept. When you upload a file you'll be given a filename and extension. Make a note of it if you think you'll need to use a saved version of the file instead of uploading it again.

Choose A Print Style

After you upload your image, or select it as a previously saved image you will be prompted to choose a print style. In most cases it will be the Centerpiece style but you can try the other styles for more artistic effects.

Editing Your Images On A Product

When you select an image, either saved or uploaded, and have chosen a Print Style, you will be taken to the Casefashion store at Zazzle where your design will be displayed on a range of products. You will then be able to re-size the images making them larger or smaller as required. The Quick Tutorial guide gives you tips for customizing your product. 


Only you see the products you create and the images you upload.  They do not appear in any store nor the Zazzle marketplace.

Test Styles Yourself

Try it out yourself. Download the snowflake file below to your computer (right click file name and save link as snowflake). It's only 29k and 808px x 800px.

Then upload it to Casefashion Studio using the Select a File button above. When the file is uploaded follow the instructions to show the snowflake as it would appear on products using the different styles (even though it's too small an image to print on any product).