Create Your Own Wedding Photo Card

In this How To guide we'll show you how to create your own low cost wedding photocard like the Wedding Thank You notecard below using Casefashion Studio and Zazzle.



The notecard will have your photo on the front cover behind a white frame with the text Thank You at the bottom. There's a placeholder for your text inside the card. You can change the text on the cover, and change the font style, size and color to suit your wedding theme.  The card shown is a notecard in a vertical orientation but a horizontal orientation can be chosen if it suits the photograph you wish to use.

The Quick Guide Tutorial is a useful guide if you have problems, and the previous How To Guide on Creating a Laptop Sleeve with Shamrocks has useful screen shots of the steps required to upload a photo to the Studio.

Upload Your Wedding Photograph

  • Have a photograph you wish to use on the notecard on your computer ready to upload
  • Go to the upload page and press the Select a File button to prompt you for the photograph to upload.
  • Browse your computer for it. Most photographs will be jpeg images, so make sure the file uploaded has the file extension .jpg in the filename.
  • Press the Get Your Image button. In a few moments you will be presented with a screen that says Select a style to show products in a new window.
  • Choose the Centerpiece Style.
  • You will then be presented with a page containing a lot of products with your image and a menu of product types on the left of the screen like this :


Click on the entry on the left marked Cards, Invitations, Stationery & Postage and then scroll through the stationery items until you find the Notecard with Thank You on White Border. Choose the vertical or horizontal card and click on it to show the product page.

Prepare Your Thank You Card

The product page will show how your photograph has been placed on the card cover by Casefashion Studio and Zazzle. It's likely that the photo on your notecard will need some adjustment (The studio is just a technical tool to help you and has no sense of taste). The image below shows the photo within the frame. It could be re-sized so that the two girls appear closer and with more detail. We'll use the Zazzle editing tools to do that.



If your image is too small and you need to zoom in on detail in the photo or, if the image is too large and detail is obscured by the white frame in front of it, then press the orange Customize It button.

The Customize It button allows you to select the layer with the photograph and increase or decrease its size, or move the layer to suit. A guide to using the Zazzle editing tools can be found here.

Here's our final version where the image has been increased slightly in size to improve the detail.



Don't forget to change the message inside, or remove it.

Do a final check on the front and inside and if it looks good select the quantity required and add to the cart to buy. Note that you will get discount if you order 10 or more notecards.