Create a Laptop Sleeve with Shamrocks

In this first How To guide we'll show you how to design your own Macbook Pro laptop sleeve with shamrocks on it using Casefashion Studio and Zazzle.

This is what your final product will look like if you use our shamrock image:


If you are an artist you might have a shamrock image handy, as a photograph or illustration. If not, then you could use a public domain clip art image of shamrock as a starting point. Make sure that you have permission to use any image didn't create yourself, and can be used for printing on a product.

Here is a shamrock image of ours that you may download. You may use it but only with Casefashion Studio. It's a 2000 x 2000 pixel png image that's under 500kb in size and has a green 3 leaf shamrock with transparent background.

Click HERE to download the full-sized image (not the image below - it's a smaller thumbnail image).


Change your shamrock's color or design with Gimp, Photoshop or any paint program. Then save it as a png with the transparent background and dimensions preserved and under 3mb in size.

Upload Your Shamrock to Casefashion Studio

Go to the Casefashion Studio Upload page to upload your shamrock file using the Select A File button (the page opens in a new window so you can switch between this guide and the studio page).

You'll be prompted with a screen like the following to browse your computer's hard disk for your shamrock image :


Press the Get Your Image button to upload it.

If your image has been successfully uploaded you will see a screen like this :


It will give your image a name if you wish to use the same image later. It is a temporary file that will automatically be removed in several days.

If the file you attempt to upload is not an image file, doesn't have the correct extension or is too large, you'll get an error message.

Choose a Style For The Laptop Sleeve

Here comes the fun part, seeing what your image would look like on a range of laptop sleeves and other products using each print style.

The Centerpiece Style places one image on each side of a product, like this :



The Living on the Edge Style generates several instances of the shamrock, with some images extending over the edge of the design area on the laptop sleeve like this :


We think that the Living on the Edge Style has more promise so we'll focus on that style on a sleeve for the Macbook Pro 15".

The front of the sleeve looks like this below. Although all the shamrocks on the front, back and flap have been placed there by Casefashion Studio in various sizes, orientation and placement, each shamrock, as an instance of your original image, can be easily re-sized and moved and this is what we will do in the next step.




Adding The Final Touches

We'll move the big shamrock on the bottom left more to the center and reduce its size with the Zazzle editing tools (moving images is described in the Quickguide Tutorial).


The back of the sleeve has a text layer with a placeholder for your choice of name. If you feel the name is too close to the shamrock on its left then just move the name layer to the right a little.



The design looks good now. There is an image layer with an ivory color that could be removed and replaced with another background color, but otherwise it's a Macbook Pro Sleeve with your design on it and can be added to the shopping cart and ordered.

Rickshaw Medium Zero Messenger Bag with Shamrocks

The Rickshaw Medium Zero Messenger Bag shown below was created with the free shamrock image provided above. You can create your own by using Casefashion Studio to display a single shamrock using the Centerpiece Style, rotate it slightly and then use the tiling option in the Zazzle editing panel on the product page to show multiple shamrocks tiled on the fabric surface.

Clicking on the banner below will take you to the product page at Zazzle where you can buy it already created.