Here at we use Zazzle, the world's leading platform for quality custom products created on demand and shipped when you place your order. Our Casefashion Studio works with Zazzle's software to create products that you can personalize with your design to suit your lifestyle and those close to you, and for re-sale to support and promote your business or community cause.

Zazzle's Safe Shopping Guarantee

The products you design with Casefashion Studio are manufactured and shipped after you add the products to your shopping cart and place your order. All orders are fulfilled by Zazzle and its manufacturing partners. Your shopping experience is backed by Zazzle's Safe Shopping Guarantee of full refund if you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase.

Track Your Order

Most Zazzle products are manufactured within 24 hours of placing your order. Some products take longer to manufacture. Most products have the option of standard and express shipping, the latter with order tracking. If you have placed an order and it has order tracking you can Track Your Order online.

Contact Zazzle

When you place your order use Zazzle Customer Service, by email or phone, to follow up on any issues arising from your order.  Zazzle Customer Service is best placed to answer questions regarding payment and delivery. Use the Zazzle Help Pages for frequently asked questions about Zazzle, product delivery times and shipping options.

Contact Us

Use the following link for a contact us form if you have a question regarding your design on products.

If you have questions regarding your order or its delivery please contact Zazzle Customer Service directly.